Anyone is welcome to contribute to this project or create their own variant of it. I would appreciate a PR if your feature would be of benefit other users.

In order to keep the source code in good condition I use pre-commit to validate and format the code using their standards for C++/C.


If you are using Windows as a base platform I would suggest that you install pre-commit under wsl (Windows Subsystem for Windows) and run it from there, I have found that this approach works fine.

The following command will run pre-commit on all the source files. Assuming you are in the project directory.

pre-commit run --files src/*

Design goals

My goals with this software has been the following:

  • Create an open software for the excellent iSpindle hardware platform that is open and available for anyone.

  • Add user requested features that have not made it into the iSpindle project.

  • Focus on long battery life and stability.

  • Explore new technologies and create the next generation gravity monitoring for home brewers.

I will do my best to assist users and respond to new features, pr and suggestions. But keep in mind I’m doing this on my spare time.

Regards, Magnus